Rock Hall Propeller

Rock Hall Propeller is located at Long Cove Marina and is available for all of your prop needs. We sell New and Used Props and Recondition bronze, nibral, aluminum & stainless steel props. Our prop vans visit the local marinas picking up props on a bi-weekly basis.

Propeller Analysis: Advanced propeller measuring and analysis with Hale MRI. Increased Performance and Speed is our goal when bringing propellers to a high level of tolerance. Each prop is then balanced.

22589 Hudson Road Rock Hall, MD 21661  Office: 410-778-6777  Fax: 410-778-9400 Email:

"We Overhaul Props to Improve Performance"

Report: Permanent Reports are kept in our database and one is furnished with each repair.

In Memory of Earl 2014

Propeller Reboring: Ability to rebore inboard propellers up to 42" on our Bullard Vertical Turret Lathe. The bore is assured to be true and will not "follow" the existing keyway.

(standard tapers only.)

Propeller Repair: We repair props from 5" to 50". Hale MRI gives us the accurate information to enhance repair capability.